My name is Tamar and I’m a JDate Success Story. Well, not exactly. I didn’t meet my husband on JDate but I did learn a lot about myself and a lot about what kind of guy I was looking for during my time as a JDate member. It also prepared me for when I did meet my now husband because I really knew what I wanted after going on what seemed like countless JDates. I also learned how to utilize JDate to get the best results and now I’m here to pass that expertise on to you.

JDate is without a doubt the best place for Jews looking for love to find other Jews looking for love. There are hundreds of thousands of JDaters® worldwide, where else can you go and find such a great odds? The answer is absolutely nowhere, which means you need to take JDate more seriously than any other Jewish singles gathering. Everyone makes “mistakes” using JDate, but they’re simple to fix once you recognize the error of your ways.

Every few days I’ll be posting tips: from choosing your photos, to making contact, to meeting a JDate in person. Whether you’re a new member, on the fence about buying a subscription, on hiatus, or a veteran, these tips will help you figure out more about yourself and how to go forward more effectively on your search for beshert. The real JDate success story club is an elite and exciting one and I want to help you join it!