Dear Gems from Jen,

I met this woman and we had a good time talking. When I asked her for a 2nd date she said she was busy all week,  but she gave me an awesome kiss to remember her.  I still see her on JDate and she never emails me.  Is she really interested???

– Dave
Dear Dave,
There are a lot of women out there who prefer the man to be the pursuer. Have you emailed her?  Have you called her to say that you had a good time with her and are looking forward to your next date?
If you have done these things and she is not responding, my answer would unfortunately be yes, she is not interested. If she is ignoring your email/phone calls, begin to look at your other potential matches on JDate again.   If you haven’t taken these first steps then you need to reach out and connect with her.  She may think you are not interested until you pick up the phone or write a brief email.

Gems from Jen