A few years ago I ended a long-term relationship. One of my biggest complaints about this guy was his lack of follow-through.  He had a habit of starting something and getting very close to finishing whatever was started, but without fail, he rarely completed anything. For instance, I can recall his graduation from college: it was an exciting day, a day of accomplishment and the ultimate follow-through. We had a small party and his job search began.  However, he failed to have one class transferred from community college and never bothered to take the initiative to transfer the class.  He was able to walk in his graduation ceremony, but never received his degree. Hence, he never actually did graduate from college. All he had to do was pick up a phone and have a transcript sent from one school to another.

I remember one of my biggest complaints about this particular guy was his habit of opening a drawer and almost completely closing it.  Almost is the key word here. The drawers that he had opened were always left open. There were many times the drawer looked closed, but upon closer inspection, the drawer was ajar.   Not once can I remember a drawer being closed completely.  This got me thinking, can a drawer be a metaphor for who a person is?

My drawers in my bedroom are always closed. However, they aren’t always neat and tidy. On the outside it appears as if everything is in its place, but once the inside reveals itself, there is a chance the items inside the drawer will be in a state of disarray.  Is this who I really am? At times, absolutely! I tend to appear “put together,” but I have so much on my plate that at times I am a mess.  I’m not so sure I want this to be my metaphor for who I am.  I think one of my projects this week will be to begin to organize my drawers.