Wedding season is upon us, which means that single guys and gals everywhere are searching for a plus one. But bringing a date to a wedding can be tricky, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Does elevating your new love interest to wedding-date status make things too serious too fast? Will your latest beau feel snubbed if you don’t ask him to join you, or will he feel awkward?

Fortunately, the answers to these questions can be found in this handy guide. Use the following advice to find out if your plus-one situation will pan out the way you want.

Think About The Timeline

If you’ve only gone on one or two dates, it’s simply too early to ask about being a plus one. You’re still figuring out whether you two have potential, so it’s definitely too soon to ask him or her to an event where they’ll have to meet lots of your friends and/or family.

Another thing to consider is that you’ll have to make future plans to attend a wedding together. If you’re still booking dates together only a few days in advance, committing to a wedding that’s a month or two away is pretty risky. First, see if you can make a plan for at least a couple weeks from now and stick to it. If that works out and you two are still interested in one another, a plus-one invite is more reasonable.

Consider Your Compatibility

Sure, you and your latest love interest have a lot in common. But are your dates filled with laughter and good conversation, or are there some awkward moments? Are you two able to hang out for hours and hours with ease, or are you ready to part ways right after dinner?

Keep in mind that you and any plus one that you bring to a wedding will likely hang out together for most of the day. If you’ve only gone out for a coffee a few times, it’s difficult to know whether you two will like hanging out together for such a long time, so it might be safer to go solo to the wedding.

Ask About Introductions

A telltale sign that you’re ready to ask someone to be your plus one is if you can confidently introduce them as your boyfriend or girlfriend. But if you’re not so sure about putting labels on things, you might still be able to bring them along; you just need to be clear about how they’ll be introduced before showing up.

If your plus one is someone you’re seeing on a more casual basis, that’s okay. But you might want to ask before the wedding how they’d like to be introduced. For example, you could say “This is my date, Jeremy.” If you go with just “This is Jeremy,” be prepared for questions like “How do you two know each other?” or “Where did you meet?” Ironing out a few of these details beforehand can avoid a lot of awkward introductions at the wedding.

Etiquette Tips

Finally, here are a few wedding etiquette reminders as you search for your plus one:

  • Double-check your invite before asking a date to join you. Some couples aren’t able to extend a plus-one to all their friends, so be sure your invite is sent to “[Your Name] and Guest” before you assume that you can bring a date.
  • RSVP accurately and on time. You can’t wait until a few days before the wedding to ask your date to join you. Note when the RSVP is due and get a firm “yes” or “no” from your potential plus one before responding.
  • Show your date a good time. Most likely, he or she won’t know anyone at the wedding except you, so don’t wander off to chat with old friends all night. Include your date in conversations, introduce him or her to people you know and boogie on the dance floor together.

Are you ready to ask your latest love interest to be your plus one? With wedding season full swing, it’s time to consider whether your new romance is ready to be wedding-tested.

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