Almost all the major superheroes of today were created by Jews, including Superman (Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster), Batman (Bob Kane and Bill Finger) and Spider-Man (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby). Just a coincidence? To the contrary. The characters were created by the minds of children of Eastern European Jewish immigrants who grew up with the moral beliefs that each man should not be judged based on where his parents came from, but on their moral character alone. The creators used the superheroes as a means to escape from their isolated Jewish communities, and assimilate into the American mainstream. In those days, many Jews endured prejudice and weren’t allowed jobs in publishing, so Jews worked in the less-respected art form of comic books. Today, comic books and comic book movies are a billion-dollar business.

Did you know the following superheroes are, in fact, Jewish?

Captain Underpants – Alias Principal Benny Krupp.

Masada – Although we bet you could have guessed that one by the name.

The Thing – He’s actually been Bar Mitzvahed!

Doc Samson – He’s a doctor isn’t he?

Iceman – He’s half Jewish (we assume that’s the side his superpowers come from).

Sandman – Also half Jewish.

Magneto (X-Men) – Born Max Eisenhardt, his experiences with anti-Semitism during the Holocaust in Europe are a major influence on his quest to fight against anti-mutant oppression. So why did Sir Ian McKellen play him in the movies?

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