I went with a friend today to go look at new cars. In all honesty, I really hate this aspect of life.  It seems so slimy to me; the salesmen, the big boss, the finance guy, and the endless questions that accompany the process. This got me thinking though; it’s all about the confidence the employees at the dealership utilize. I decided I would walk in with the same confidence. I wasn’t going to be tricked into looking at a car based on my color preference. I was going to portray confidence and even feign it, if I began to feel my anxiety level raise.
This whole process reminded me of the bar scene. The guy making eye contact, the one buying rounds of drinks, the shy one sitting in the corner, and then there is the guy who oozes confidence and the women flock to him. What does he have that the others don’t? Confidence!  Where does he get it? He’s usually not the best looking guy around, the richest, most successful, or the one with the greatest physique. He gets it from creating goals for himself and working towards achieving them.  He follows through and continues to make strides even when life gets the better of him. Confidence comes from building a life that one can be proud of; not cutting corners and putting your best foot forward no matter the circumstance.