A, B, C, D, E, F, G…Men’s minds are my specialty.

You cannot expect to find a man if you’re not willing to put in the effort. Plain and simple, men want the perfect package. Over the years men have expressed how this package should look. I have whittled their requests down to three categories. In order to become the better version of you, adopt my ABC’s of love.

As always we start our alphabet of improvement with the A’s: Attitude, Attention, Appreciation, and Affection. These aren’t the tools for refining your looks, but developing your strengths from the inside out. Men are obviously attracted to a woman who exhibits the Attitude of confidence and control. This poise will ultimately warrant positive Attention—and from the right kind of man. Once you’ve got their Attention, it is your job to show off your assets. To keep them coming back for more, it’s going to take a proper amount of Appreciation and Affection. Don’t put up walls, but keep yourself distant enough that you don’t seem desperate.

Continuing on to the B’s we have Beauty, Brains, Body, and Balance. These four B’s are the heart and soul of my ABC’s of love. Every guy wants a beautiful woman who knows how to hold a conversation. Not all men are looking for Harvard grads, but a woman who can talk more about the world and less about herself. Eye-candy is always a plus. So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with your Body will only enhance your chance for love. Now one of the biggest B’s is Balance. If your scales are constantly tipping back and forth, there is no way your guy will be able to keep up. Every man is looking for a woman without baggage who knows how to Balance her work in one hand and social life in the other. Of course these are just the second piece to the puzzle.

 Finally come the C’s. If you are reading this, possess most of these qualities and are wondering why you still don’t have a man, please continue. You will not get anywhere with all of your good looks and proper stability without a little Compassion. Having Compassion for others as well as yourself will show men that you are willing to love. If men feel they cannot breach the wall around your heart chances are they will lose interest. Along with compassion should follow the characteristics of Class, Character, and Charisma. You should never leave the house without Class when you’re going out trying to attract a sophisticated, good looking man. That same type of man is searching for a woman with a flawless Character. For example, being a flake should never even be a thought in your mind! And I think it goes without saying that a Charismatic personality will simply win over the man who could potentially be your soul mate. For that sexy Charisma every girl is looking for, being yourself is the only trick you need. You won’t believe how easy it is, not to mention unattractive, to see through a fake persona. Be honest with yourself and with men.

 My ABC’s may seem like a bombardment of “tasks,” but in reality you possess each of these qualities…they’re just hidden. Find them. Own them. Flaunt them. Be confident in your attributes and don’t be afraid to let men see them. Who knows, your unique traits could be more eye-catching than you’d think.

With just under 1,000 marriages to her credit, Janis Spindel has been highly successful in the world of matchmaking for many years. Specializing in pairing up upscale clientele who are well-educated, sophisticated, attractive professionals, including public figures and celebrities, this self-proclaimed Cupid in a Chanel suite is no-nonsense when it comes to the business of “getting people married.” For more info on Janis, check out www.janisspindelmatchmaker.com.
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  1. Janis, you are right on point. I thought about my best relationships and the young had all of these qualities. A tear almost came to my eye, because if I found a woman like this, I would almost instantly marry her. Good stuff, great article. 🙂

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