..blared from the Hurricane Disco as we danced around like inebriated teens having a great night.  After five nights of JDate’s Bahamas trip, I am officially now detoxing.  A week of fun, sun, tennis and new and old friends was exactly what the doctor ordered.  A shout out to the Brits and Philly boyz who kept us amused and in stitches, and a special shout out to Charlie’s Angels who made the week so much fun…it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.

So what’s next when you are no longer in the “resort no-worries” mentality with the new-found connections? First, a lot of friending on Facebook and then comes Monday when we all go back to the daily grind and get caught up in life’s routines. On this trip I met some incredible friends and I also have witnessed the beginning of several romances (T and M keep me posted, my fingers are crossed). It’s all about next steps as we dive into 2010.  Happy New Year!