In March of 2009, I was looking for a date on JDate and found Ivonne. I sent her a message and she answered me on the same day. I asked her for her phone number, we talked to each other for some time and then we planned a date for two days later.

I am religious and when Ivonne accepted my invitation for a date, I assumed that she had already seen my profile. Later on, she told me that she looked into my profile after our phone conversation and she became very nervous by our religious differences. But, she thought that religion should not be an impediment for getting to know a Jewish religious guy.

I picked her up at her house and we went out to a kosher restaurant. We had a very good time. I asked her if she would like to have another date and, to my good luck, she said, “Yes.”

We continued to date and when she started to learn more about the Orthodox Jewish life, Ivonne fell in love with me. And seeing the way she was spiritually growing, I fell equally in love with her.

Thank God, finally this past June we got married, making our friends and family very happy. We want to thank JDate for the wonderful job they are doing, keeping our people together and for helping us to start our own Jewish home.

Ivonne and Sergio
Mexico City, Mexico

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  1. I am so happy for the happy wonderful to hear a story like that.May they receive all the desires of their hearts into perpetuity!!! Best wishes, Rob G.

  2. Hi nice to hear that Ivonne was so open minded to date someone observant – there is hope out there!

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