Dear JDate,

cont-mt-ivy-marcMy name is Marc. I joined JDate in 1997 when I was a twenty-five year old first year medical student at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. In the ensuing years, I emailed a few women (and received a few emails) and, all told, managed nothing more than the occasional first date. Then, in January of 2000, while browsing around the site, I came across the profile of Jessie, a twenty-two year old who intended to begin medical school the following August.

We exchanged a few emails, and it became apparent that things were not going to work for us; I was in the south Florida area for only another six months, and she was headed out on a five month semester in Israel. Rather than simply writing me off, she offered to pass my address along to her best friend Ivy, who was also a JDate member and who was attending a Marriage and Family Therapy program at NSU. I accepted her offer and looked up Ivy’s profile while waiting to hear from her.

We were engaged on November 10, 2000 and married on January 20, 2001– two years after our first meeting.

Ivy & Marc
Cooper City, Florida

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