Dear JDate,

Life can change on a dime!

cont-mt-jamie-bensonI always had a notion of what I thought “real love” would feel like, and at 44, I had pretty much decided that I just wasn’t meant to experience it the way I had envisioned. So, what did I have to lose by posting my profile on a Jewish dating service, just in case there was that special someone out there looking just for me?

A short time after I posted the profile on JDate, I received a note from Benson, which led to a month of written exchanges, a creative first phone call, some detective work and finally an unpretentious walk around Greenlake with our dogs as chaperones. The chemistry, depth and values were there; it really did exist…just the way I had imagined. When it’s right, it’s right… and as they say, “you just know,” and I can finally endorse that.

The proposal really sealed it. I knew it would happen because we picked out the ring, but I didn’t know when or how. My whole life I had thought about my father walking me down the aisle–but he had passed away tragically over 10 years ago, and with him went my little girl dreams of that perfect moment. During a romantic lunch in the Georgian Room complete with French champagne, I presented Benson with a pair of my father’s cufflinks, sure that I would receive his proposal in return. But he had another idea; leaving the restaurant, we drove to the cemetery where my father is buried. He told my father how much he loved me and asked him for his blessing. With tears streaming down his face, he turned to me and asked me if I would marry him, as he presented the most beautiful ring. I held him and said I would be with him forever. Real love exists–sometimes it just takes a little longer to find you. It was worth the wait!

We’d both like to thank you JDate. We are recommending your site to others, because it really can work!

Jamie & Benson
Seattle and Everett, Washington

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  1. This is a really lovely story, and it give me faith. Thanks for sharing.

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