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cont-mt-jane-marvIt began on March 9, 2006 with a mutual “Click” on JDate. That led to our first meeting over coffee on March 17, 2006 and eventually our wedding on June 10, 2007!

Jane was a 62-year-old widow, having lost her husband in 2000. She had a very loving and happy 36-year marriage and was sure that she could never love someone again. She went online just to find a friend, someone to hang out with or go see a movie. She spent a couple of years dating others but never felt comfortable with anyone and certainly never found happiness. In February of 2006 she signed up for a 1-month subscription on JDate. After about 3½ weeks, she “Clicked” someone and he “Clicked” back…

Marv was 62-years-old and divorced. After spending several years alone, he decided that it was time to find a companion. In February of 2006 he signed up for a 1-month subscription to JDate. After about 3½ weeks he met Jane.

Jane and Marv met for coffee on March 17, 2006. They spent virtually three hours talking. However, even after spending all of this time together, Marv felt no connection with Jane and decided that he wouldn’t call her again. Several days later Marv’s daughter asked him how his date went. When he told her the story, she said, “Dad, if you spent three hours talking to her, there must have been something there, so why don’t you give her another chance?” That chance came a week later when Jane invited Marv to join her and some friends for dinner at her home. Not only did he accept the invitation, but from that day on, Jane and Marv started a new and wonderful relationship.

Over the next few months, their relationship grew quickly. Soon they realized that they were in love with each other. In October of 2006, they put their relationship to the ultimate test on a 10-day Caribbean cruise. Could they survive in such close quarters for 10 days? Not only did they survive, but it was so good that six weeks later Marv moved into Jane’s home. Their love continued to grow and in April of 2007 they decided that it was time to show the world how much they loved each other. They met with their rabbi and selected a wedding date of June 10, 2007.

Their wedding was as glorious a day as possible and there was love all around. Both families were together, as were all of their mutual friends. Everyone looked their best, but Jane and Marv only had eyes for each other. In their vows, both said that they hope to celebrate their 25th anniversary together. Oh yes, that will be in the year 2032, but with God’s help, good health and mazel, that day will come and they will be as much in love as they were on their wedding.

That’s our story and we thank JDate for helping us find each other and making our dreams come true!

Tips for other JDate members:
Be patient and use the “Click” feature, it worked for us.

Jane & Marv
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

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