How do you deal with the question, “Why are you still on JDate?” after you’ve been dating for a month? How long after you’re dating someone should you pull your profile?



Dear JDate and Your New Date,

There’s no timetable for when you should pull your profile. You could be dating someone for a month but only have seen them a few times. You could be dating someone for a week but have seen them everyday. You have to pull your JDate profile when you feel ready to make a commitment to your new date. If you’re just on a few dates and are still getting to know each other then there’s no reason to feel the pressure to pull your profile. If you’re getting serious emotionally and physically then you should probably have a conversation with your partner about becoming exclusive. It’s really easy to cyberstalk your new prospect by checking when the last time they logged in to JDate, but try really hard to restrain yourself. By the way, when you are cyberstalking them, you are also logging in! If you really like someone and don’t feel like logging in because you want to give that person your full attention, then don’t — but don’t automatically assume your date is going to do the same thing.

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