What if you’re dating someone and see them on JDate and even updating their profile… what should you do??


Dear JDate and Your New Date,

If you’re dating someone and you see them on JDate, well, that means you’re on JDate too! But I know that’s beside the point. If you see your new date on JDate and you want to take the next step to get more serious then you need to just have that conversation with them. I wouldn’t tell them that you saw that they were recently active on JDate because then you will just be condemning yourself, but say that you have recently pulled your profile in the hopes of this relationship going somewhere. If you’ve seen that the person actually updated their profile then you may be getting a subliminal message. If you don’t want to take the hint, then just ask point blank — at this point you have nothing to lose. But make sure to maintain your composure and class, you don’t want anyone going around telling people that you’re some psycho stalker.

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