Hi Tamar,

I seem to have been Favorited by 15 different girls yet few if any of them actually reach out to me. It’s only when I reach out to them that I get a response and even then, there are some that have just NEVER responded. What is the deal with this? What’s the reason? I just don’t get it. Can you shed some light?! Thanks.

Hi JDate Favorite,

Girls want a guy to make the first move, that’s why they Favorite you — it’s their way of winking, twirling their hair around their finger and smiling at you from across the room. And just like when you approach those women, not all are going to end up being into you. But it can’t hurt to give it a shot right? You know the women who Favorite you are already interested, so figure out if you’re attracted to them and why and then tell them that. Don’t worry about the ones who don’t respond, it’s normal. Play the odds… 15 Favorites are a lot… you are attracted and write to 10 of them… 5 write you back… that’s 1/3 of the women which is pretty awesome! Enjoy basking in the glow of having so many women Favorite you!


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