Dear Gems from Jen,
I feel like I am having some problems attracting a man on JDate because of the half sleeve I have tattooed on my arm. I am not ashamed of it at all, and actually want to get some more work done. Since I posted the picture of it on my profile, I’ve noticed that I have been getting fewer hits. I decided to post it so that it wouldn’t be a surprise later on, and I have always felt that honesty is the best policy. So if you have some advice for my situation that would be great. Thank you.

Dear Jacqui,
A few months ago, I answered a question from a JDater that was very similar to yours. Historically, tattoos are a no-no in the Jewish faith. However, times are a changin’ and tattoos seem to be more acceptable. I personally know Jewish men and women who find nothing wrong with tattoos. It is a personal choice and I am glad to read that you are not ashamed of your choice to have tattoos.
I applaud you for posting a picture of who you are, which of course includes your tattoo. Just because you are getting less hits don’t become discouraged. People have their preferences and some prefer tattoos and some don’t. The reason we are on JDate is to find people that we are compatible with. You may be getting less profile views, but think of it this way; you will find someone who accepts you for who you are. Keep the profile picture and don’t give up hope that there are men who would jump at the chance to date you.
Gems from Jen