Dear Gems from Jen,

I have been dating this guy for about six weeks and we met through JDate.  Things seem to be going well and recently he has started going back on JDate every couple of days.  What does this mean? Is he looking elsewhere or is he just a JDate junkie?

 Dear JDate Junkie,

Have the two of you spoken about the nature of your relationship?  Are you exclusive? Has it been discussed whether or not either of you can still utilize the site? You stated that you want to know what this means, but I guess my first question is, ‘What are you doing on JDate if you are worried about him being on JDate?’  Are you still looking at profiles or are you keeping tabs on him?

 My suggestion is to have a candid discussion with this guy.  Find out where his head is at. Communicate regarding the ground rules of your relationship.  If there is no exclusivity then there is nothing wrong with being on JDate. If the two of you decide to begin a relationship that is exclusive then being on JDate would be a no-no. Until then, there is nothing wrong with either of you using the site to continue with your searches.

 Gems from Jen