We’ve implemented a new design that includes some enhancements and new features all focused on making your experience easier, streamlined, and more engaging.

Here’s are some of the changes you’ll see:

  • We’ve simplified the messaging experience by combining our email and chat functions into one streamlined messaging tool that includes read receipts and photo sharing.
  •  We’ve expanded the popular “Like” feature from Secret Admirer (now called “LookBook”) and integrated it throughout the experience. Because we only alert the other party if you both like each other, it’s a great way to see if there is interest before sending a message!
  • When you browse through profiles you’ll experience a more engaging, contemporary interface designed to uncover key profile details more quickly.
  • We’ve retired the AllAccessTM premium feature and replaced it with a more compelling product called Messaging+TM

As part of a Premium Plan with Messaging+ you’ll get:

  •  The ability to contact any member on Jdate, regardless of their subscription status.
  • The ability to send unlimited messages.
  • A badge on your profile highlighting your Messaging+ status to all Jdate users.

No need to worry, we have imported your existing profile information, activity lists and preferences onto the new platform. Given the new formatting, you may want to view your profile and make edits or add new info (like college) to your profile.

Finally – we’ve even redesigned the Jdate logo. You’ll see it has a hip vibe, yet telegraphs sophistication and quality. Sleek and contemporary, we believe it more closely reflects the personality of our members.

At Jdate we truly value our members and hope you enjoy our new look!


  1. 1.There should be a place that one writes himself notes about a profile he read.
    2.You should return the possibility to browse at other areas and countries, as was before.
    3.When browsing and opening a pfrofiale to read- and close and going back- one should go to the spot he was, and not to the beginning again, other wise its a unpleasant bug.
    4.There should be also an option to hide someone so he wont be able to see my card, ant not only to block him.
    5.Did you fixed the annoying bug- that when one sent me even one massage- i can NOT block him???

  2. My compliments on modernising your website aesthetically, and making it more user friendly. It now has an air of sophistication – images are greatly enhanced and profiles etc are generally clearer.

    I would like to make one suggestion, as I find tiny images of very little or no value, may I suggest having them a least doubled in size.

    Ps. A small percentage of the improvement (at my end) maybe due to my upgrading my monitor from 19″ to 28″, and screen resolution to 2560 x 1440.

  3. This ‘redesign” is terrible. You have brought back messages I deleted (and do not want), and deleted messages I wanted to keep. I HATE IT!!!!!

  4. I’m only slightly skeptical because it seems less likely to communicate with other users this way. But I’m hoping it truly is an improvement.

  5. Hard to navigate.cant see.my messages…i have this disclaimer on top of my messages and cant answer or get rid of it.is this now the site? Please email me the exact site to.log into.

  6. I liked the old format better.! II can.’t find anyone from prior version..
    I liked the old profiles. Why did you have to kill a good thing? I think
    that you knocked out the wrong platform. It would be better to have
    both. Now, it looks like we have none!

  7. It is worse than ever. Functionality that seems to be lost: (a) looking up by user name (b) viewing matches sorted by how recently they have logged on.
    I do not like the idea of combing email with chat nor do I like the combining of the Inbox with Sent Items.

  8. Please add back the feature where you can lookup someone by profile name. It would also be worthwhile, at least for me, to browse other areas as well
    which would make sense since you ask if they would relocate.

  9. Hi, I am totally unsatisfied with your website redesign. First of all I lost the main chunk of my profile. Also I can not do my search properly. My search distance was initially set to 300+ miles from Pittsburgh, PA where I leave. Now I am getting 0 results back unless my distance criteria is set to 500+ miles, which gets me to people that reside too far in the USA or even from overseas. I need more instructions of how to use the new website. Thank you, Ellen

  10. There is only one line to type on and that is awful, nobody likes it..

  11. The site used to show basic information on all people’s profiles. Now I only see a little info on a few. It’s become useless other than showing photos, age and location. No better than JSwipe

  12. This is a horrible platform that is useless to me. First, I cannot locate people in my local area as I could before. Secondly, there is hardly any information about any of the profiles. Third, I cannot locate any of the people I saw before. The older platform provided in depth information about each profile. You could learn a great deal about the information that each person provided. There is no way to know if a person is willing to relocate. I am very disappointed with this new platform. I hope they reconsider going back to the previous version as it was more informative. If this doesn’t change, I am seriously thinking of dropping my membership. Very poor platform!

  13. Awful. Time to cancel. Harder to use and navigate. The messaging in old app made it easier to see received / sent. Still doesn’t allow us to hide profiles we no longer want to see. Liked The Who I am / what I’m looking for in the old app better. The look is cleaner and more modern but not better.

  14. Most likely this suggestion will be ignored, as I have made it many times over the years; However, here I go again. An EXTREMELY convenient feature would be AT LEAST to be able to search by age a person is willing to date. As it has always been, users have to scroll through a ton of profiles, one by one, to see if they even qualify. At best it would also allow viewers to sort by this same criterion. Wishful thinking.

  15. It was totally unnecessary to redo this site. Somebody sold management a bill of goods. Why improve something to make it pretty at the expense of functionality. You, management, are going to see a dramatic drop in renewals. I won’t, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON I HAVE SPOKEN TO SAYS THE SAME. Good move. Keep it up and watch your stock tank.

  16. Your new system does not work. It does not allow browsing from what I can see. I get three people who show up in each button; whether it be online, browse or match. Furthermore, your service has not suitably responded to my problems. Its been three days now and they continue to say its my preferences. These preferences have not changed. Its their filter that is faulty, and they will not deal with it.

  17. Well, you’ve really messed this up, haven’t you?

    It apears that I can no longer tell whose profile I’ve viewed and who has viewed mine. Old messages have gone, and the photos accompanying messages now are so small that the keenest-eyed bird of prey would have difficulty making anything out. It looks like the online chat thing has gone, or have you hidden it away?

    This is a makeover that wasn’t necessary, removing features that were good and adding/modifying features that are of little or no use. Time to unsubscribe, I think.

  18. I have noticed that people new to the site barely write anything about themselves which makes it much harder for me to decide whether or not they’d be of interest to me. Since I am not making my decision upon looks alone nor general categories, I too dislike the new site. It would be much better if the site encouraged people to write about themselves and the profiles were more in-line with as they used to be. It is true, it now feels more like J Swipe, which for someone like me, is next-to-useless.

  19. It’s awful and difficult to navigate. Old messages that I delete keep showing up. Used to be able to browse many profiles, but now it only goes till the end of the “page” and does not show more. I’m getting ready to cancel. Waste of time and money.

  20. After reading all the comments, I couldn’t agree more!
    As a site designer I can say that the new site is terrible, very unfriendly and practically unusable.

    You end your words with: “At Jdate we truly value our members and hope you enjoy our new look!”
    Well, we don’t enjoy the new look and if you truly value your members you will need to transfer back to the former site which was by far better and more user friendly then the new one.
    If you don’t want to loss me and many other frustrated customer then please transfer back!

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