We’re coming to Chicago, JDaters! The Windy City Playhouse is graciously hosting a fantastic JDate Night Out on Thursday, March 24th. The night will kick off with a pre-show mixer exclusively for attendees who sign up through JDate. Enjoy one free drink ticket with your purchase! Following the mixer, you’ll take your seat to see “The Explorers Club,” a critically acclaimed play featuring some undeniably hilarious hijinks.

A little more about “The Explorers Club”…

The Explorers Club has enough to deal with. One member has lost nearly all his guinea pigs, another can’t seem to locate the East Pole, their bartender is missing, and the acting president is madly in love; and now, on top of all that, a woman wants to join? Before the British Empire crumbles under the weight, these good old boys must grapple with the approach of modernity, save the world from an international war, and for God’s sake, find a new bartender – but not until after brandy and cigars.

A little more about Windy City Playhouse…

When forming the idea around Windy City Playhouse, creative director Amy Rubenstein wanted to, “create a theater where high art and high levels of entertainment combine – a space for friends to gather, colleagues to engage and strangers to meet, all in the name of art. Our primary creative endeavor will be live theater, but other contributing art forms will play a part. With the addition of visual art, auditory art and the art of mixology, we will entertain and engage audiences in a new and holistic way.”

Come join us at the unique, comfortable and enticing Windy City Playhouse to meet someone new and enjoy some prime entertainment. You won’t want to miss out!

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Learn More About “The Explorers Club” and Windy City Playhouse

Tickets are limited, so get yours today. We’ll see you there!

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