I’m Eric Schwartz, a single Jewish guy looking for that special someone.  So, what makes me different from all the other mensches on JDate?

When I joined JDate, I mean when I really joined JDate, I didn’t just set up a profile, pick a random screen name, answer a few questions, find a color code that suited me and start flirting with strangers.  Nope….I took a camera crew to the streets to document my experience.  

Introducing JDate Walking, my new, online video series in which I take your advice on how to become the “MostEliJewble” bachelor on JDate.  Think of it as the Great Jewish Dating Experiment.  I come to you as a Jewish mound of clay willing to be molded by the hands of the JDate community. 

It’s been all up to you to direct me on the “do”s and “don’t’”s of online dating and here’s a preview of what I’ve asked you, the people, thus far in the first three episodes.  

Episode 1 – Picture

Looks aren’t everything, but let’s face it, they are.  So, what’s the best approach to looking my best in my profile photos?

Episode 2 – Username

“Name” is the only four-letter word you tell people to call you.  So, what the @$%! do I choose?

Episode 3 – About Me

How do I make my words into my wingman?

This is a just a sample, and as my mojo on JDate grows I look forward to opening up the discussion with more of you on the street.  In the meantime, I’d love for you to express your likes and dislikes of my JDate Walking experience in the following “comment” section. 

Who knows, maybe your advice will work and I’ll find my dream girl.  Or maybe it will backfire and you’ll have some laughs at my expense.  In any case, JDate Walking should serve to launch a conversation we can all participate in and learn from in order to more easily navigate our way through this great sea of JDating®.

Eric  aka. Most Elijewble

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  1. Eric, the extant link to your tv show is broken. I get an error message that states it does not exist.

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