Jewish mothers are typically very persistent, especially when it comes to their sons meeting Jewish girls. So when Ben wasn’t meeting any Jewish girls in his new home of San Francisco, his mother pushed and pushed for him to join JDate. After many phone calls and “hinting,” his mother finally got the better of him in March 2009 and convinced him to sign up for JDate.

Ben was highly skeptical. He didn’t think that everlasting relationships could actually begin online from a site like JDate. He did the bare minimum in signing up for an account – not to actually meet anyone but, rather, just to get his mother off his back. He created a profile with an unpaid account, and without really giving JDate a second thought, signed off – figuring that he had put in sufficient effort to satisfy his mother.

Little did he know at that very same moment, just a couple miles away, Jenette was logged on to JDate and noticed a new face in her region. Not only was he cute, but his profile picture showed him in an NBA arena! Due to her love for basketball and thinking he was in the arena of her favorite team, she decided to send him a private message.

The next morning, Ben awoke and noticed a JDate alert waiting for him. However, he hadn’t paid for the account, meaning he couldn’t read it! After just a few minutes, Ben’s curiosity got the better of him and he paid for the account. He read the message and was very excited it was from a cute girl with similar interests and ideals.

After several days of messaging and IMing each other, Ben and Jenette met for dinner and a movie. At the end of the night, Jenette invited Ben to her upcoming Passover seder. Then, on August 10, 2011, almost two and a half years after their initial JDate messages, Ben set up a scavenger hunt around their apartment complex. Each location had a rose with a poem containing a clue to the next location. The grand prize at the final location was a diamond engagement ring!

Ben and Jenette are excitedly planning their wedding for summer 2012. Even though he was initially skeptical about JDate, the next time Ben’s mother gives him advice, he won’t think twice.

Jenette and Ben
Daly City, California

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