The story of these two meeting was truly one of fate. Jenna “Flirted” with Eric one afternoon in February. He responded by reaching out to her via email, and they met in person a week later. What they came to discover on their first date (a five-hour coffee date) was that they went to the same high school and had the same mutual friends, yet somehow never managed to cross paths during those four long years. After enjoying coffee for several hours, Jenna and Eric made their way to a bench in the shopping center where they met to continue their date. This is where they shared their first kiss.

success-jenna-eric-tmb2Exactly one week after their first date, Jenna and Eric became “exclusive.” On their one-year anniversary, on February 24, Eric took Jenna to all of the spots they went to on their first several dates, concluding with a visit to the bench they sat at for their first kiss. Eric told Jenna that he brought her back to this bench for a reason, then got down on one knee and proposed with the ring his father gave his mother the day he was born.

Their wedding is set for October 19, 2014. Jenna and Eric are so grateful to have met each other and are thankful to have taken the plunge to join JDate, which has forever changed both of their lives.

Jenna and Eric
Long Beach, California

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