Dear JDate,

cont-mt-leah-jeremy-01I had tried JDate for a number of years with only limited success; a five-month relationship was the longest connection I’d had so far. I would log on and off for three-month periods to keep my account fresh and spent a good amount of time and effort communicating and meeting women from Long Island and NYC.

I (Username: jervetdoc) noticed that one of my matches, Leah Sontag (RaineOnSunday), had an interesting profile and picture posted. The photo was a professionally-shot picture of her in the dark looking up and thoughtful. She seemed serious, interesting, different and deep. My instincts were right. The first three dates we had were excellent and we hit it off, but unfortunately my face had a vague physical resemblance to her stepfather and she initially couldn’t get over it. So, we stopped dating.

cont-mt-leah-jeremy-02Nine to 12 months later, I saw her again in my “New Matches” column and decided to send her a friendly hello and see how her relationships and life had been in the past year. At that point, I was genuinely interested in becoming friends, as she was someone I felt was worthy of my time. We decided to go to a jazz concert together and in the next couple of weeks we began dating again. After eight to nine months of being together exclusively, she moved in with me. Currently, I am waiting for an engagement ring to be custom made for her. We are a great match and complement each others’ silly, serious, affectionate and nurturing sides. Even though JDate seems so far away at this point, we cannot forget how we met and have to thank the website that introduced us.

Tips for other JDaters:

1) Give people a chance. Sometimes a second date is necessary to clear up any confusion.

2) Don’t give up. Perseverance sometimes pays off and a second time around can be successful…however, don’t become a stalker!

3) Write something interesting or revealing and unique about yourself in the profile summary. Too many profiles have the same boring, “I like shopping…I like to hang out with friends at the beach…I like restaurants and the finer things” descriptions…these are NOT original!

4) Dating multiple people, while fun, sometimes can be overwhelming and detract from realizing one person’s special charms.


Jeremy & Leah
Huntington, New York

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