Who would have thought that the person who was my soul mate would live across the country? When we first met, I lived in Minnesota and Danny in North Carolina. A simple “like” of the About Me section turned into a conversation that lasted hours throughout the night well into the morning. That was in October of 2011 and not a single day has gone by that we haven’t talked since that day. We even found out that when I was on Birthright, he was living in Israel for five months for an internship, and we stayed less than a block away from each other!

A month after endless chatting, texting, video chatting, and messaging, we decided to visit each other. Danny’s favorite football team is the Saints, and mine is the Vikings. My family has season tickets to the Vikings, and in December 2011 the Saints were playing against the Vikings in Minnesota. What a great way to spend our first date! Danny bought a plane ticket, flew in to spend Hanukkah with my family, and we attended the football game (I still disagree with who won that day!). Since then, Danny has flown to Minnesota or I’ve flown to North Carolina every month. We made each trip special, but it became harder and harder to leave each other with each visit.

Jessica & Danny-JDate-2I graduated undergrad in December 2012 and started applying to grad schools in North Carolina. Danny was still in pursuit of his MBA in North Carolina, so we felt it was best I moved down there. In March 2013 I moved down to North Carolina and we began our life living together. Two months later, we rescued a dog together and he has been a joy in our life since! We have taken two cruises, gone on weekend vacations, and been through hardships. I fell ill and Danny took care of me for 6+ months. After that, we knew that if we could endure all those medical trips, we could endure anything.

On October 5, 2014, Danny proposed! We are happier than ever to continue our life together. Danny now has his MBA and I have one more year left at grad school, and then we will let the wedding planning begin!

I cannot thank JDate enough for bringing us together. What a happy family we have become.

Jessica and Danny
Morrisville, North Carolina

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  1. My name is Walter and Danny is my son. The idea of Jessica and Danny’s long distance relationship is not lost on my wife and me, since Danny’s mom (Janet) is from Connecticut and I am from New Orleans, LA.

    Jessica has definitely become a fixture around our household along with Milo their rescue dog. With her patience in explaining the Apple tablet, helping with our new Mac, her visits have become our technical support without the Indian accent. We have been very fortunate to have entertained her parents and one of her sisters at various visits. Janet and I have not yet visited Minnesota which is just a function of timing…..we are waiting for a long enough period of warm weather, but summer happens for 30 minutes on August 29 and we have not yet been able to time it properly.

    We welcome Jessica, and her family, and are tickled to know she is definitely part of the family. Thank you Danny. We also say, ” Thank you JDATE.”

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