In 2007, I promised my grandma that I would join JDate for one month and go on a date so that she could brag to her friends in Florida about the wonderful person her granddaughter met on this website.

During the month I was a member, I felt hesitant about meeting a stranger, but kept my promise and returned an e-mail from one special person who stood out to me from the crowd. His name was Seth.

We “talked” for a few weeks and then met for hot chocolate on a beautiful fall afternoon in October.  During our first date, Seth and I talked about a lot of different topics, and by the end of the date, we had made plans to see each other again that weekend.

Three magical months later, we were engaged. Two years later we were married, and now after two years of marriage, we are eagerly anticipating the birth of our first child this October.

My husband was my first, last and only JDate!  He is my best friend and together we have built a beautiful life with our family and friends.  Seth says he knew I was “The One” when I showed up one football Sunday wearing a matching Jets football jersey.  I knew Seth was “The One” because since the day I met him, I couldn’t stop smiling.

I still remember when I first joined JDate I would read all of the success stories posted by different members and think to myself that either they were made up or that these types of miracles just don’t happen to me.  I was proven wrong. True love does exist and I found my Beshert, thanks to the wonderful service that JDate provides.

Our advice to those who are seeking love is to know what you want and be patient while looking for it.  Once you find the person who is perfect for you, cherish every moment and fill your days with love, respect and kindness.  Life is an amazing journey filled with a lot of irony.

My grandma and grandpa met in 1937 when they were in the fourth grade.  They too had hot chocolate on their first date (unbeknownst to me until recently), and now our son will be named after my grandpa who passed away nine years ago.

Seth and I send our best wishes to all JDaters and hope that you too will find true love.

Jessica and Seth
Nesconset, New York

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  1. I know, right!!!! A beautiful story for sure, could happen to anyone, and I’m so glad it happened to you two. Love is such an easy and natural emotion, and also taken for granted, may you always enjoy it’s blessings and keep it’s intensity… and of course, pass it on, always.

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