Dear JDate,

cont-mt-jessica-steveDespite being “dating traditionalists” at heart, Steve and I both ended up joining I had been a member for about a year and having a great time with it; I was meeting new people all the time. Many a boring day at work was spent emailing people I was meeting…not great for work productivity, but great for my social life! On August 9, 2001, Stephen sent me a an email introducing himself. It was short, sweet and most importantly, funny.

We exchanged emails for a few weeks and then took it to the next level — phone calls. Our phone conversations would last for hours. They would soon be known as our marathon phone calls. It actually got to the point where I was worried that, if and when we ever did meet in person, we would be left with nothing to say.

It was after a vacation to the beach, where I brought my laptop with me hoping to stay on top of work but instead ended up emailing with Steve quite often, that I decided to finally go out on a date with him. His wit, charm and intelligence won me over.

On September 15, 2001, we went out on our first date in Baltimore. Fast forward to a few weeks ago…while vacationing in Barcelona, Spain, Stephen proposed. We are planning to get married in November, 2004.

A small note to the skeptics out there who think JDate is a strange way to meet people or is only for “losers”…give it a chance and don’t be embarrassed about it. You probably have 10 friends who are using it too, but don’t want to fess up about it. Good luck!

Jessica & Steve
Washington, D.C.

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