Elul 11: Answered Prayers ~ by Rev. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray

Where can we who walk in darkness find brighter light? I suggest we look no further than to the preacher/poet, John Newton. He was a former slave trader who saw the light. Today he is best known as the composer of the hymn, Amazing Grace!

Again and again in the Bible, we read the invocation, “Let me find grace in thy sight, O Lord.” Find grace? Perhaps most of us wait for grace to find us. And often it does. When grace finds us, we come to see God’s sight is not the problem, but our insight: I was blind but now I see. But far better that we heed the words of… read the full Jewel here.

Now in its eleventh year, Jewels of Elul Vol. XI: Ten Years of Inspiration is a booklet filled with short, inspirational insights from 29 contributors selected from our previous 10 editions.

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