I think we can all agree that the idea of “six degrees of separation” certainly rings true in the Jewish world. Without fail, the game of “Jewish Geography” always, always makes an appearance. In this game, we’re all winners because we can almost always succeed in finding ways in which we’re connected to our fellow Jews.

Finding Jewish Ties Everywhere
It can be rather comical to be out on a date when you suddenly realize you have mutual friends in common, whether from
summer camp, middle school or a random weekend in the Hamptons. Hey, you might even be distant cousins – it’s happened!

The Jewish world feels smaller and smaller every single day; it’s crazy how everyone is connected on some level or another. How many times have you been on social media, seen a post from a Jewish friend or relative, and noticed that another Jewish connection has commented on it (having no clue how the two are connected)? It happens often, and it doesn’t just end there.

No matter where you go – bars, vacations, brunches, etc. – if you end up talking to another Jewish person, you can almost always find someone in common with them. The following three scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Mutual Acquaintance
Here’s one example of a potential situation two Jews might find themselves in:

Girl: So, where did you go to college?

Guy: Emory. What about you?

Girl: University of Michigan, but my best friend from high school went to Emory. Wait do you know [insert name here]?

Guy: Haha, of course I do. She was in AEPHI and we always had mixers with them. Too funny.

Don’t be surprised if a conversation like this comes up on a date. In fact, try to embrace it! Having all these close ties is one of the best things about the Jewish community.

The Jewish Mom Connection
Gotta hand it to Jewish moms – they have a way of finding connections you never knew existed. I actually know of a situation where a mother was in line for the bathroom at a bridal shower, and one of the bride’s friends was also in line. They got to talking and they realized that the mother not only knew this girl’s mom, but the mother’s mother and this girl’s grandma were best friends growing up.

Crazy, right? But it doesn’t stop there! The mother then gave this girl her son’s number (again, gotta love Jewish moms) and they went on a date. They are now engaged and getting married later in the year. I’m telling you, the Jewish world is a world of its own, and a small one at that.

The Distant Cousins
Living in a city like Houston, where the Jewish community is so tight-knit and intertwined, you will often find out that you are actually related to a friend of yours … seriously. A few years back, my two good friends figured out that they were distant cousins through both of their great uncles. It’s truly fascinating!

If an awkward silence arises the next time you’re on a date, just start playing “Jewish Geography.” It’ll give you something to talk about for hours on end, guaranteed.

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