This summer, many singles will set out with the intention of mixing and mingling to meet the one – either for the night or for good. If that’s your plan as well, it’s important to arrive equipped with the most important accessory for a single guy or gal: a wingman or wingwoman. Without the right sidekick, you might go out into the big bad world of singledom and get stuck talking to the wrong people. Worse yet, the wrong wingman could make you look bad in front of other singles instead of increasing your chances of meeting someone special.

Make sure you mix and mingle the right way this summer by getting a good wingman or wingwoman on your side. These five types of Jewish singles will help your “singles hunt” to succeed all while making the dating world a lot more fun to navigate.

1. The Impressive Doctor

He’s smart, suave and can talk to anyone. And with his impressive credentials, you know he’ll corral the ladies around. Just be sure that your impressive doctor friend doesn’t steal your thunder. If he’s too full of himself, you could easily save the day by being incredibly attentive to the woman you’re interested in. She’ll notice that you’re asking her questions instead of bragging about every ER patient you saved.

2. The Yenta

Any yenta has an arsenal of conversational skills that will help you with the singles. Most likely, if you head out to a neighborhood joint, she will know everyone that passes by you, along with the person’s life story. This means that you’ll get the 4-1-1 on anyone that interests you. Just be careful; the local yenta will gossip every single second she gets, so be careful what you say to her and keep a little distance.

3. The Nebbish

In high school, the nerdy nebbish may have lost out, but as adults, women love to talk to sweet guys and share all of their problems with them. This means your nebbish sidekick will bring over the ladies to chat as just friends. But once your charm her, she’ll move her focus over to you. A nebbish sidekick is usually smart and stable, which means he won’t embarrass you with any drunken or narcissistic behavior. And since he’s not aggressive, he won’t mind if you take the lead with a lady.

4. The CrossFit Addict

A CrossFit addict, whether male or female, usually has confidence to spare. That means they’ll be able to drag singles over to the bar to talk to you. While your CrossFit friend’s fit body does the attracting, you can win them over with conversation that isn’t focused on squats and burpees. Let them break the ice with exercise talk, then swoop in to find out more about the single who’s caught your eye.

5. The Overachiever

Which of your friends is the overachiever? You know, the one who just donated time in a third-world country to help the less fortunate and is now going to law school or to get his or her M.B.A. He or she has the exciting stories to reel people in, but once the bragging ends, you’ll be able to step in and snatch the man or woman in front of you. There’s only so much do-gooding someone can listen to without feeling like they’re watching a PSA.

Are you ready to meet some hot singles? Get a good wingwoman or wingman on your side and you’ll be set for a summer of fun.

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