During the summer of 2011, hopes, dreams and romance struck my open heart all at once after 10 years of being optimistically skeptical on JDate.

I am truly in awe that a man I never had any possible way of knowing, no connection other than JDate, came into my life and made me realize why the relationships I had in the past never worked out.

He is a Cincinnati man who was “California bound” after seeing my picture on JDate. He was determined and patient to meet me, and was willing to make the trip out West just for a cup of coffee.

His intent was to travel and to meet people out of his element. Suffice to say, he went “fishing” on JDate without realizing that at the end of the hook was not a fish, but a mermaid who ignited his inner spirit and captured his heart like no one else before.

Fate brought us together, but it was our choice to stay in communication and nurture the friendship.

After months of corresponding back and forth, we finally met in person. Our first date together turned out to be our last first date in life.

The feelings we share are dreamy and limitless as if our two hearts are being awakened and reunited.

He asked for my hand in marriage at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, a meaningful place to declare our love for each other (it was this hotel where his parents married 57 years ago).

I am writing to thank you, JDate. An incredible connection was made that happened only because of your site. Family and friends have told us, that our togetherness is Beshert.

The beginning of our 57 years or more (like Alan’s parents) will be celebrated in Marina del Rey, California in September, 2012. Please add Jill and Alan to your billboard of smiling faces and happy hearts. Thank you.

Jill and Alan
Cincinnati, Ohio

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  1. What wonderful, wonderful news!! We’re so happy for you. Seems like Chicago would be a great place to make home, but Marina del Rey and Cincinatti will be terrific too. Great post for JDate–I bet there will be a lot more subscribers after they read this! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Dear Jill and Alan, please allow me to extend my wishes to you for a beautiful life together, one full of happiness, joy and true love. You make a beautiful couple!!! All the best to you both!!!

  3. I am very happy for the both of you …and now realize why i didn’t hear back from you!….Interestingly,…i grew up for 3 years in Cincinnati.(Wyoming)…and Midwestern values are wonderful and wish you all that life can bring….PS Chicago is one of my favorite spots……was just there last weekend…the best to both of you………and yes my “Fishing” continues as well…

  4. Dear Jill and Alan,
    Blessings on your heads! Your story and pictures give those of us who are still “fishing” as Grant describes, some hope and inspiration.
    I kinda look like you Jill, so maybe there’s someone who looks like Alan out there for me!

    How wonderful that you’ve found your bersherts!


  5. a willingness to “go the extra mile” and believe in love…nice to know that dreams can come true!

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