Jillian and Ben met on JDate! They talked a few times, but never got together. Then Jillian “disappeared” for a few months. When Jillian finally returned to JDate, Ben decided to give her another try. After a phone call from a mutual friend, Jillian agreed to meet Ben for drinks one evening, and the rest is history!

How They Got Engaged:

Ben had to work in San Francisco last Valentine’s Day. Jillian was disappointed, but made other plans. When Jillian returned home the night before Valentine’s Day, she opened the door to find Ben’s dog, Boss, come bounding out. There was also a rose with a card that read: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue; sorry I can’t be there tomorrow, I guess Boss will have to do!’

Jillian found another rose and card in her room, and the next morning she found another – so her roommate was clearly in on the plan! The second card read: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue; did you really think I’d spend V-Day without you?’ Underneath was a plane ticket to California! Jillian called her mom for advice on cancelling plans with her friend while she was packing. Jillian’s mom said, “Don’t worry; they were in on the plan.”

Once she arrived in San Francisco, Jillian was given two more roses and cards with transport to the hotel, and one inviting her up to the beautiful room where Ben was waiting with a fondue set and another card. Ben had to work the next morning, but after three more roses, cards, and a trip around the city with her cousin, Ben had arranged for Jillian’s brother and sister-in-law to be there! They handed her the 10th rose which said, ‘Roses are red, violets are blue; we have more special guests, can you guess who is behind door number two?’ Jillian opened the door to find her parents there, and Ben’s parents on Facetime.

The final card read, ‘Roses are red, violets are blue; this is the last of the dozen; turn around, I have something special for you.’ Ben was down on one knee at that point with a ring box in his hand. “Jillian, will you marry me?” he asked. She said yes and they all celebrated with champagne, wine and fondue.

Jillian and Ben
Baltimore, Maryland

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