Dear JDate,

cont-mt-jody-joelI think our story is very unusual; I was a JDate member for exactly ONE WEEK before I met Jody. It was February 16, 2003, and a very snowy Sunday afternoon. I think Pittsburgh had at least a foot of snow, definitely a day for staying in. I was browsing the site, looking at my matches, and I noticed that Jody had looked at my profile. I went ahead and looked at her profile, and was very pleased to learn we had at least one thing n common… a love of the music of Bruce Springsteen! I knew that knowing all the words to “Rosalita” is not enough reason for a long-term relationship. But the common interest is a good starting point. I immediately sent her a message complimenting her superb musical taste, and after a few days of emailing back and forth, I got up the nerve to ask her to meet in person.

So we met for a quick after-work snack on a Thursday, just four days after the first emails. And through the small talk and nervousness and pasta, I immediately felt very safe and warm with Jody. Our first real date was the next week. We went to see the movie Chicago, which we both loved. It was a wonderful movie and will always mean a lot to us!

We have been together ever since, gradually meeting each others families, even hosting a Thanksgiving dinner together. But the highlight, by far, was when we went to see Springsteen together at PNC Park here in Pittsburgh this past August. There is truly nothing like sitting with my arm around the woman who means everything to me, singing along together to music we both like so much. In every sense, the past 10 months have been a dream come true for me, and I look forward to many more months and years with Jody … I proposed on Valentine’s Day! A wedding is planned for October of 2004.

Jody & Joel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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