Dear JDate,

cont-mt-judy-gregThank you for finding me the most amazing man. I had been on JDate for several years and had been on hundreds of dates, mostly one-daters, until I met Greg. Greg had also been on JDate for several years with the same no-luck experiences. I was starting to swear off online dating altogether and I even gave up time-to-time, suspending my profile. But something always kept me coming back online and typing in the website. I just kept telling myself, “He has got to be out there. I just know it!” Well, he was, and I found him! I was the one who actually sought him out! Thank G-d for local search where you can look up who is online in the area where you live.

Greg proposed to me two nights ago, and I said yes! We were recently in New York and took a picture in front of a huge billboard advertising JDate, and we just thought it was so perfect to get a picture with us in front of it. Again, thank you for bringing two people together who fell in love and can now begin a lifelong journey together. We can’t wait!

Tip to other JDaters: For everyone on JDate who is still trying hard to find that special someone, don’t give up. He or she is out there and may be your next JDate.

Judy & Greg
Plantation, Florida

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