Dear JDate,

cont-mt-julie-jeffJeff’s story: It seems like I’ve been waiting forever to write this letter. On August 31, 1999 an angel reached out and touched me. That’s the day when I received a response from the person I plan on spending the rest of life with. When I first read Julie’s note and saw her picture, it seemed too good to be true. Even though we lived 130 miles away from each other, it didn’t matter. We spoke on the phone and hit it off immediately. Not wanting to let her get away, I made plans to drive from San Diego to L.A. that weekend. That Sunday night , Labor Day 1999, changed my life. The entire evening went by in a matter of moments. I couldn’t wait to see her again.

Since then, the drive to and from L.A., to spend every weekend together, seems like a trip around the corner. We got engaged on August 12, and are getting married in front of family and friends on Oct 21, 2000 in Seal Beach, California.

I still have Julie’s first letter to me, and every once in awhile, I glance at it and realize how happy we are together. For every person out there who loses faith that they’ll meet their true love, think again. Who knows, she may be around the corner, or 130 miles away.

Thanks for bringing us together.

Julie & Jeff
San Diego, California

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