Dear JDate,

cont-mt-julie-stanleyYou made another match…It may have taken awhile, but you’ve finally managed to “get rid of” one of your oldest members, me; Stanley.

I have had the wonderful fortune of meeting up with, and getting engaged to the lovely Ms. Julie…She’s absolutely wonderful and it was instant chemistry from the very beginning.

I contacted her in mid-February, but due to her inexperience with using e-mail, it took her 5 weeks to figure out how to respond. However, she did figure it out and once I heard from her we started talking immediately. We met shortly thereafter and within a few hours of meeting we knew we were going to get married. The rest is just details…Within 2 months (and 12 dozen red roses later), we were engaged. The wedding will probably be as soon as the Rabbi is free…

Thanks again…Your “former” best customer…

Julie & Stanley
Houston, Texas

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