When Steve, an endodontist, first e-mailed me, I declined him on the advice (very bad advice) from a friend (now ex-friend). Within minutes after sending the decline, I had a nagging feeling that I should meet him and wrote to him with a “story” about why I declined him (I told him the truth shortly after we met). We emailed several times for about 3 weeks, and I thought that he was kind of a jerk (of course, now that I know his sense of humor, I think he is funny. At the time, I thought maybe he was arrogant due to his profession).

We finally spoke on the phone and had about 3 conversations before deciding to meet in person. Our phone conversations prior to our first meeting were so good that we both thought the other was “too good to be true.” Both of us were going through divorces at the time and had each been in pretty terrible marriages. Therefore, we weren’t expecting much and certainly not that we would fall in love so quickly.

We went on our first date on July 23, 2001. We both had photos with our profiles on JDate, but after meeting in person, we both decided the photos did neither of the other justice. I was supposed to be waiting for Steve inside, but changed my mind and was sitting outside the restaurant when he arrived. When Steve walked up to the door and we each realized who the other was, there was INSTANT chemistry. That was at 6:32 pm.

From that night on, it was clear that we were beshert! We each had a daughter (10 months apart in age) from our previous marriages. The girls became instant friends and sisters. We knew that we would marry as soon as the legals were done with our previous marriages. My friends and family now refer to me as “Julie-rella,” as my life has become a fairy tale! Steve “officially” proposed on New Year’s Day 2002. We were married shortly after and welcomed our first child together, a daughter, in September 2002. We are now the proud parents of three daughters!

Thank you JDate for making our dreams come true!

Julie & Steve
Stefanie, Hannah, and Hallie

Scottsdale, Arizona

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