Dear JDate,

cont-mt-katie-scottI can’t believe I can actually write a success story for JDate. I never thought it would happen to me, meeting my beshert online, but it did!

Scott emailed me, coincidentally, two weeks after my dad died in November 2005. I didn’t respond till Jan 2006, and we emailed back and forth realizing we went to the same high school, college and grew up in the same neighborhood just a few years apart. We had so much in common, even the same breed of dog.

We had a good first meeting, but we both went in with low expectations after having many unsuccessful dates. After a few more dates, we both knew. Scott was everything I wanted and needed.

We got engaged in July 2006 and got married in January 2007. He is truly my beshert, and I’m so blessed to have found him.

Thank you, JDate, for making this happen!

Tips for other JDaters:

Since we are both from Nashville, Tennessee, and there aren’t many Jewish singles in our town, it was truly slim pickings. I would check periodically to see if there were any new guys on, but I was kinda “not looking” when Scott Flirted with me.

When I saw his profile, I thought, “How did I miss this guy?” Plus, being the girl, I wasn’t TOO flirty with members. But my username was “UTkatie79,” which indicated I went to UT (University of Tennessee), and he did too. So, being honest was key. He said that is what made me stand out.

Plus, I had a picture of myself and my dog. So he knew we were both dog lovers.

I also wrote about exactly what I wanted in order to weed out anyone who couldn’t live up to my standards. If you are too vague, it tells people you are not selective and will settle. I think being very descriptive and filling everything out helped, because obviously he read the profile, and I read his, and they were both filled with answered questions, which prompted us to speak to begin with.

Katie & Scott
Nashville, Tennessee

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