I was on and off JDate for the first two years I lived in New York City, with not much luck. I also tried other dating sites, but didn’t meet anyone that clicked. I was scrolling through profiles one night (saying yes, no, or maybe) and apparently clicked yes to an inactive profile — Chaim. He sent me a JDate Flirt (which I didn’t realize was free, I thought it was just people who didn’t know what to say!) and I responded. He paid the membership fee to continue messaging me, and we went on a date shortly after. We have been inseparable ever since that very long date on the Upper West Side; he even texted me at 9am the next morning — no games here! This all happened the first week of November, and we were engaged by the first week of March. He still jokes that I made the first move.

Katy & Chaim-JDate-2Chaim was raised Chabad and was still living in Crown Heights, and I was raised in Florida and lived on the Upper West Side. We never would have met if not for JDate. Dating in NYC – and online dating in general – is frustrating, but I thank G-d for JDate connecting me with my true Beshert.

Our wedding will be held on October 19 at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Thank you JDate!

Katy and Chaim
Brooklyn, New York

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  1. I know Katy from work! She’s a true-blue, rock solid, hilarious woman, and I remember hearing about this in the office kitchen while she was reheating her homemade Italian wedding soup. They both just knew! I’m impressed.

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