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Brian and I met on JDate back in 2002. We chatted online for months. We lived about an hour and 20 minutes away from each other and I really didn’t want to date someone who lived that far away. About seven months after chatting online, we decided to meet up at a mall that was halfway between us. We became very good friends. We even went out to singles events with each other and I helped him look for girls and he helped me look for guys.

Two years ago, we had a long conversation about what bad luck we were both having with the opposite sex. Brian told me ‘If we dated each other we wouldn’t have those problems.’ So, I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a shot. We went out on a date a couple of weeks later due to our hectic work schedules, and we’ve been together ever since. It felt right because we had known each other for a long time. 

Last Thanksgiving, Brian proposed to me and of course I said, ‘Yes.’ We got married on October 4, 2009 in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

We just want everyone to know JDate does work and don’t give up hope. There is someone out there for everyone. Try dating someone you think of as just a friend because it just could work out.

Kelly and Brian
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

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  1. A classic “When Harry met Sally” love story :). Thanks for posting it.
    Mazal Tov to you both, joy & bliss for years to come.

  2. What a beautiful love story. As Sharon from Israel mentioned….Mazel Tov, happiness, and I’d like to add, may you both always stay in communication with one another and may the love never end. All the best.

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