All success stories on JDate are special. Mine, although a little different, has the same happy ending. It is truly amazing how things work out, and that meeting someone online can lead to “happily ever after.”

I met Kim on January 4, 2012, and we are getting married on July 6, 2014! We couldn’t be happier!

As someone living with cerebral palsy, I must walk with a cane for balance and strength – dating was never easy. Meeting someone the old fashioned way was not working. On first impression, people could not see past the canes and the disability. JDate gave me the opportunity to show people who I am, before seeing my disability. It took me a long time to be comfortable enough to tell my potential dates about my disability.

With Kim this conversation came easy. The night before our date, she had already committed, so I figured she wouldn’t cancel. I gathered the courage and texted her, “I am not sure if this came up, but I walk with a cane from a disability I was born with.” Now it was the moment of truth! She responded right away with, “I am not sure if this came up, but I am allergic to apples, bananas, seafood, nuts, carrots and celery.” At that point, comforted by her response, I replied, “I guess we all have something.”

It ended up being the best first date either of us had ever been on, and we are so excited for our future together! Thank you, JDate!


July 2014 Update:

Wedding Profile PicKim and Scott were married on Sunday, July 6, 2014!

The newlyweds say it was an incredible weekend and they would like to thank their family, friends, and everyone else who has supported them.

Here is a beautiful video Kim’s family shared with the happy couple:

Kim and Scott
Pennington, New Jersey

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  1. So as I had just signed up for this site and already feeling hopeless… watching this video gave me so much hope ( i cried the last 7 minutes of it!)

    Congrats to the both of you! Wish you a wonderful life together!

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