So many questions arise before a first date. What do I wear? How do I act? What do I order? What if I’m not attracted to him/her? But once the date is close to an end, different questions arise. Do we kiss at the end of the night? Hug? Nothing?

A few different things can happen at the end of a date. Let’s break it down to help you decide how to handle that awkward goodbye next time.

Scenario #1: The Easiest And Best Case

Your date takes you back to your place of residence, walks you to your door, looks in your eyes and kisses you. Following the kiss, he says “I had such a good time tonight. Can I take you out again next week?” You walk inside grinning ear to ear and fall asleep happy as can be.

Scenario #2: The Not-So-Subtle Lip-Cheek Kiss

You and your date arrive back at your front door; you start talking about nonsense because you both are questioning what’s going to come next. Your date leans in for a kiss on the lips, but you think he’s going for the cheek and he ends up halfway in between. It’s just flat out uncomfortably awkward, but you both try to laugh it off.

Scenario #3: The Hugger

Your date is dropping you back off at home, and you are thinking about how you had the best time and really want to invite him up. You know better than that since it’s only the first date, so you at least are excited for a kiss – a make-out session, actually. You’re at the door with him saying your goodbyes, waiting for that kiss and as he leans in, he goes for a…hug. Slightly mortified, you go inside and drown your sorrows in a pint of ice cream.

Scenario #4: The Mover And Shaker

You arrive back at your front door with your date. You’re making jokes, giggling and flirting with each other. As you’re starting to say your goodbyes, he makes a joke about coming upstairs; you decide to invite him up because, you think, “Why the hell not?!” He comes up, you guys “hang out” for the rest of the night and he leaves the next morning.

In conclusion, the end of a first date can be rather interesting. It can be dreamy, amazing and exactly what you pictured in your mind, but it can also be uncomfortable, strange and totally awkward. It’s unpredictable, so there’s really no point in having any expectations! You really just gotta roll with the punches, go with the flow and take it for what it is. And, don’t forget, you don’t have to wait for him to make a move. If you know you want a goodnight kiss, go for it!

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