After multiple relationships that just didn’t have the “spark” I needed to settle down, I decided I wasn’t going to marry anyone unless I knew from the first date they were the one for me. I decided to join JDate to see what was out there, as meeting a nice Jewish guy in a Boston bar has a slim to none chance!

After signing up and being on for a couple of days, I was hunting around on a Sunday evening for potential bachelors. I came across Craig, and knew I had to chat with him.

We started off on JDate chat, and quickly moved into email chat. We stayed up all night talking on the computer, even though we both had early meetings on Monday morning. Monday came around and we texted all day. Talking on the phone on Monday night, we decided to go to a local bar to meet for the first time over a couple of drinks.

For both of us, hands down, it was the best first date we had ever been on. Everyone always hears stories of love at first sight, and this was it. I dropped Craig off at his apartment because it was raining, and called my mom on the way home. “I met the guy I am going to marry tonight,” I told her.

We talked all day every day, and went on our second date — closing down the restaurant and getting kicked out while they were turning the lights off! From that moment on, we were inseparable.

Craig moved into my condo in August (8 months after our first date) and he asked me to marry him 14 days shy of our 1 year anniversary! We are getting married in November 2012.

Every day is an adventure, every day I laugh. Every day I know that I am so lucky to have met the person I know I am supposed to marry and have a family with. We have JDate to thank a million times over because we would have gone through life never having met our true soul mate. THANK YOU!

Laine and Craig
Brighton, Massachusetts

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  1. It’s unbelievable how fast this has all happened. One could say “It’s life in the fast Laine!”

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