There is an old rabbinic legend in which one rabbi asks another what God has been busy doing since creating the world in six days. “God,” says the rabbi, “has been busy making matches.” Looking back now, I realize Lana and I actually gave God a little assistance by registering on JDate.

When I first saw Lana’s profile on JDate, I was simply mesmerized by her eyes in her profile picture. I wrote to her, saying, “I would like the opportunity to embarrass myself in an attempt to impress you.” She replied: “I would like to be impressed!”

Time flew by and after a few not-so-successful first dates, we were surprised to find our connection grew into something special. We began spending all of our free time together and got to know each other really well. It soon became clear to us, and to those around us, that we have a very special connection. We not only speak alike, laugh alike, think alike and maybe even look a little bit alike, but we share similar values: a sense of humor, sincerity, reliability and commitment. In other words, our connection indeed looks like a match created in heaven.

Now, just a few years after our wedding day, we still share the same dream: both of us simply wish to walk along the beach together while holding hands fifty years from now.

Thank you JDate!

Lana and Vladi
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

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  1. What an amazing and inspiring story! Very happy for you, guys!

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