Dear JDate,

cont-mt-lana-mattMy name is Matt and I have a wonderful story to share with everyone on JDate. I met my wife, Lana, on this very site just over two years ago. We have been inseparable ever since. I was always a shy person and working up the courage to ask a girl out was very difficult for me. I had very little luck on JDate early on. I had never had a relationship before in my life and was hoping JDate would be the key to finding love and happiness. I initially gave up after not having any luck for a good long while but I kept it up and stuck with it and eventually my luck changed. I was lying on my bed with the JDate window open on my computer and out of the corner of my eye I saw that Lana had “Hot Listed” me! I originally sent her a Flirt a few weeks earlier but she was dating someone else at the time and did not answer me. Being Hot Listed was a rare thing for me and I was very shocked that such a beautiful woman was interested in me. Fate then took a step forward.

I immediately IMed her and we began talking. We ended up chatting ALL DAY! We decided we had to meet.

We met at TGI Friday’s and had the longest dinner known to man- six hours! The waiter must have sensed something and did not disturb us for like three hours. It was amazing! We talked and talked and when we had awkward pauses we laughed about it and ended up taking count of them. It helped break the ice. It turns out that Lana is shy and had few dates and never had a relationship either. I felt so happy knowing that we both came from similar backgrounds and that our journey could be filled with “firsts” for the both of us!

This started the tradition of going to the same Friday’s restaurant every month on the day of our anniversary. We still keep this tradition going.

We became boyfriend and girlfriend a few dates later and have done so many things that we both had never done before. I asked her to marry me on July 7, 2006 and she said yes! (Obviously since you are reading this on JDate!)

We got married on August 5, 2007 and are planning a wonderful future together.

Tips for other JDaters:

Lana brings me so much joy in my life and I never would have found her if not for JDate. This site DOES work, but you have to be patient in order to see the wonders it can bring.

Thank you JDate!

Lana & Matt
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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