January 2006:  My witty/incisive/probing initial email went unanswered.  Unfortunately, this was not new.  Having already been on JDate for several years, I’d had many more ignored messages than ones that had been responded to.  Heck, I met a fellow JDater® through a friend by pure chance, and she’d never responded to my initial message, either. A few dates later and that was over.  I was starting to lose faith.

October 2008:  I’m still on JDate.  On break at work, I log in to check out who’s been active recently. It’s the usual group, most of whom I’ve already been ignored by.  I log out.

Imagine my surprise when I check my email later that evening and see that I missed an IM.  Logging in again, I see an IM from a girl who looks vaguely familiar.  Checking her profile, I see that I had sent her a message; going back, I see it had been an unthinkable three years earlier.

Despite my misgivings, I respond, apologizing and explaining that I was at work.  Given the history, I don’t expect a response anytime before the end of the decade.  Yet, in the morning, there it is, with her apologizing for taking so long in replying, saying she had just started a relationship at the time of the initial contact.

To make a long story short, we got engaged in October 2010 with a 2011 wedding in the works.

We’ve survived moving, living at both sets of parents’ houses for an extended period of time, buying and renovating a house…

And yet, we both agree that we may not have survived an initial meeting in 2006.

Sometimes, great things really do come to those who wait.

Lauren and Adam
Savannah, Georgia

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