Having been on and off JDate for several months, the two of us did not have high expectations for our first date. But after sharing a brief email exchange and a subsequent phone conversation, we decided to make plans for the day after New Year’s in 2010. That day turned out to be one of the chilliest New York City nights in recent memory, and while the two of us contemplated at the last minute whether or not to go through with the date, we ultimately confirmed our plans and decided to go for it. To say we hit it off right away is an understatement, as we ended up spending eight hours together! That was the last time either of us went on a date with someone other than each other. Just like that, we went from two strangers who almost didn’t meet, to two people who were falling in love.

Nearly two years later, Andrew made plans for us to go to a surprise birthday dinner for his friend’s wife. As we were heading to the restaurant (the same one where we went on our first date), I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. As we walked in, Andrew kept pointing out different things in the restaurant, but it was loud and busy so I had no idea what he was trying to show me. Then he faced me and started saying how much he loved me, etc. I don’t remember what he said at the time, but that’s what he tells me he said! A few seconds later, he got down on one knee and I lost it and then finally said, “Yes!” Only then did it hit me, and I realized what he was trying to point out.

All of our friends and family (40+ people) were in the restaurant watching. It was absolutely amazing and by far the best moment in my entire life! Because we were both so overwhelmed at the restaurant, neither of us really ate anything. So at 11 o’clock that night, we walked into Wendy’s and had our “engagement” dinner.

One year later, we headed to Jamaica for our wedding in front of the same friends and family who came to New York to witness our engagement. We got married on the beach and started the newest chapter in our lives. Now, a few months later, we are in the process of purchasing our first home and planning our future together. One that includes our dog, Newman, who is anxious to be someone’s big brother.

Looking back on our experience with JDate, we have a lot to be thankful for. We never would have met had it not been for this site. But more importantly, it’s important to remember that you only get out of it as much as you put in. Luckily, the two of us took the time to email each other and went through with our date. Now our lives are changed forever, and we couldn’t be happier!!

JDate was not only successful for me, but also for my sister! After meeting Andrew and seeing how happy we were together, she immediately joined JDate and met the love of her life. She is now planning her wedding for the summer of 2013 and I couldn’t be a happier Matron of Honor!

Lauren and Andrew
New York, New York

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  1. What a beautiful love story and we know it is true. I sent this article to all my friends who have children or grandchildren looking
    for the right one.

    We wish Lauren and Andrew continued happiness and much luck in their
    new home.

    Grammy and Poppop

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