It is easy to read JDate’s Success Stories and wonder if they are true, or whether anything like this could ever happen to you. Everyone has their own reasons for being a JDate member and we all want different things from it. So, with this in mind, Lauren and Jamie wanted their story to be told in the hopes that it inspires you in one way or another.

In October of 2010, Jamie decided he’d had enough of JDate and was about to remove his profile from the site. Lauren, on the other hand, had just come out of a four-year relationship and thought she would give JDate a try and see what happens. These two very contrasting situations were about to create the start of something very special.

On the very first night Lauren joined JDate, and Jamie’s last night as a subscriber, the two found each other and started to chat. Needless to say, Jamie did not remove his profile from the site and Lauren may have gotten more than she bargained for on her first night as a JDate subscriber! There was an instant connection that was obvious, even through online chatting, and this led to a week or two of getting to know each other through emails. The emails turned into telephone conversations that lasted for hours every evening, and not once was there an awkward moment of silence. Their conversations were filled with laughter and an interest to learn more and more about each other. Lauren and Jamie’s first date eventually came along and it was simply a continuation of their telephone conversations. They met for a drink that lasted hours – the evening was filled with laughter and intrigue, and there was an obvious and strong connection.

It must have been the next day or two when their second date came around and it was clear to both of them that this was something very, very special. They fell in love instantly; after six months of dating they went on their first holiday together to Malta (with friends and family advising them that going on holiday is the real test of any relationship). When they returned from Malta, both Lauren and Jamie knew – without any doubt – they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, although at that time neither one of them knew the other felt exactly the same way.

In August of 2011, with the help of Lauren’s sisters, Jamie surprised Lauren with a romantic proposal in the park, including a picnic of all of Lauren’s favorite foods and, of course, champagne. In the months that followed, they moved into their own home and began planning their life together.

In November of 2012, with all of their friends and family around them, Lauren and Jamie married at the Landmark Hotel in London – JDate even got a mention in the groom’s speech!

In May of 2013, Lauren and Jamie will have been married for six months – and they couldn’t be happier. When asked if they had any advice or tips for the members of JDate, their response was simply, “Be honest, be yourself and don’t force anything; it might not work for everyone, but it could work for you!”

Lauren and Jamie
Bushey, England

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