JDate is responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other dating sites combined! But we’ve got more than just statistics to back it up. In our “Success Stories” feature, you’ll meet real couples who found love online.

How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
Mike joined JDate in late August 2011 after his roommate (and best man at our wedding) said, “You’re Jewish and single, you should join that JDate site, just for fun.” I joined JDate in September 2011 after realizing that I definitely wanted to marry someone Jewish and didn’t have any prospects. Within three days of joining JDate, Mike and I both “liked” each other’s profiles. We started talking a lot, and for hours and hours at a time. After about 2 weeks, we decided to meet in person. I lived with my parents in Laguna Niguel, California and he lived in Costa Mesa, California with his roommates. We met one night in early October 2011 at his house. I made sure to tell my friend (and bridesmaid Dori) his name and address, just in case he turned out to be creepy and something bad happened. We watched a movie on his couch and played pool on his pool table. We immediately hit it off, and it felt like we had been long-time friends. It became “official” on October 29, 2011 while I was dressed up as Black Swan and he was dressed up as a priest on Halloween. We spent the first few years together finishing up our educations, but we got engaged as soon as we had both graduated. We graduated in May 2015 and we were engaged on the Fourth of July that same year. We spent a year planning our dream wedding, which took place on July 16, 2016. We are loving married life. We work together at my family’s business, and we are best friends.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
I knew it was true love from the very beginning, but it certainly sealed the deal when he agreed to run the OC Marathon with me. That was the point where I was like “I’m going to be with this man forever.” I had run six marathons previously, so for me it wasn’t as big of a deal. To think that boy would run 26.2 miles with me even though he had never really run a day in his life left me awestruck. We trained together, got fit together and conquered the task. We ran the OC Marathon together in 2014. Our time wasn’t amazing, and we both wanted to quit, but we persevered and finished together, holding hands.

What advice would you give other JDaters?
Mike and I are proof that JDate really can work. If you’re looking to commit to finding your forever partner, you really should try JDate.

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