When I first got a message from David, I was excited to talk to him – mainly because I recognized his sister (who went to both my high school and my college) from his pictures. I figured he must be an upstanding guy if he came from such a good family. Our messages turned from flirtatious to familiar, and by the time we met for our first date I already felt comfortable with him. One date turned into two, which turned into an exclusive relationship, and before I knew it, we had been together for two amazing years. On the two year anniversary of our first date, David proposed.

David and I went to the same high school, yet we had never met before meeting on JDate. I insist – and David agrees – that had we met in high school or college, we would not have gotten along. We met on JDate at the perfect point in our growth, and now we get to spend the rest of our lives growing – both individually and together.

Thank you!

Leah and David
Atlanta, Georgia

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