I first knew Lesley had fallen for Mark when she called me from a bus on her way to Atlantic City. Everyone who knows Lesley knows she would not just casually get on a bus, much less right after work, or to go see a guy! However, Mark was different. She was excited to see him despite the fact that she was exhausted, and he lived in New Jersey, and was shorter then she wanted.

Lesley had been on JDate for some time, dating lots of people, but no one special. Mark had also been on JDate for a while, but wasn’t meeting many people because of his location. He decided to message Lesley one night. I don’t know what drew him to her; it could be so many things: her love of candy, the fact that they’re both doctors, or maybe it was just her smile. Either way that message grew into a date, which grew into the previously mentioned bus ride, and just kept growing.

Lesley and Mark are a great couple in many ways, but one of my favorite things about them is their kindness to each other. This is a couple that supports each other and is always doing the little things for each other. Lesley makes sure Mark has lunch every day and Mark is always “surprising” Lesley with whatever it is she is coveting.

As their wedding approaches, I wanted to submit this JDate Success Story as my present to them.

Love, Pam
(A friend of the couple)

On behalf of Lesley and Mark
New York, New York

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